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Prayaga Foundation for Excellence and Training is promoted by a team of dynamic Professionals with the goal of developing employable graduates. Quality Education with special emphasis on Communication Skill, Problem Solving skill, Time Management, Confidence Building, Leadership skill, Interview skill, Corporate Etiquette and Personality Development are the distinctive features of our Institution.

The objective of PRAYAGA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES  is to train and mould professionals so that immediately after graduationthey can get into Senior Management cadre. We also provide extensive training to the desired students enabling them to get qualified under the GST Act, Insolvency and bankruptcy code, Valuation Act, RERA Act etc. which will help them to do private practice in these areas independently.  



Palakkad being the Second largest industrial corridor, its educational corridors are still kept constricted and the same has caused Palakkad, one of the most backward districts in education. There are only 60 colleges to cater 250000 odd qualified students of Palakkad and the average capacity of these colleges around 3000 only. Rest of those is largely depending upon the neighboring states for higher education.


The vision of “PRAYAGA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES” is to Mould future employable graduates to guide corporate India through activity oriented studies. The professionalism and unremitted guidance of the promoters will support the students with quality education with emphasis on communication skills, corporate etiquette, problem solving, time management, confidence building, leadership skills etc.



PGDM is a very high demanding course amongst the students who want to pursue their careers in the management field. With the constantly changing world, the requirements of the Organizations, Institutions, Companiesetc are also changing. There is a huge demand for Managers, Leaders, functional heads and Specialised Executives all around the world.

If you are interested in experiencing skyrocketing career growth in the field of management, then look no further beyond PGDM. As the business management industry is evolving at large, you need to stay relevant with the ever-changing industry needs to get successfully hired and this is exactly the direction in which the PGDM program prepares you.

PGDM program equips you with the hottest skills in the management industry that would allow you to work in your preferred domain in a high position. In addition to the high-paying job roles but also open up avenues to further exciting opportunities. Post successful completion of the PGDM course, you can experience a new world of career opportunities in the field of business management.


Evergreen Field To Work In

Management till date stands as the functional core behind every business, which requires a highly trained and dynamic workforce to maintain a balance of operations. This makes management an evergreen field to pursue a career in as there will always be work opportunities lingering in companies, irrespective of the industry you belong to. Students who study PGDM gain timeless skills like customer engagement, project management, leadership, and operational abilities, business development and planning skills, etc that are and will be needed in every business organization today or some years from now.

Industry Oriented Diploma

When compared to the framework of MBA courses, the Course structure of PGDM programs is always industry-specific, which is why you only learn the relevant syllabus to set you up for the specific course where you intend to establish your career. This is corroborated by the inclusion of credit-based internships as a part of the curriculum, on-job training, fieldwork, and practical experience gained over the course of two years.

Company Exposure

As established above, PGDM stands as an industry-integrated diploma with a lot of scope for on-job training, internships, fieldwork, and industrial exposure as a part of the curriculum itself. This gives them the benefit of gaining an ample amount of experience by the time they finish their diploma. Not just this, most PGDM courses are taught by top-level executives, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders, and students can gain direct one-to-one corporate insights from them. Learning directly from these eminent professionals through vivid classroom sessions, Institute-sponsored management training, etc can give them the kind of exposure that’s missing in the conventional MBA degree.

Digital Marketing Highly Specialized Course

Unlike the general MBA courses, PGDM diplomas can be chosen for exactly the discipline you want to work in as these courses contain specializations in more than 50 domains. Some of the widely taken up diploma specializations include PGDM In Marketing Management, PGDM In Financial Management, PGDM In Business Analytics, PGDM In Logistics And Supply Chain Management, PGDM In Human Resource Management, and various others. The reason why the PGDM diploma is specialized is that the course structure is more equipped with practical learning inputs rather than focusing entirely on theory. Out of other alternatives like MBA and MIM, PGDM stands as the best.

Revised Curriculum

Conventional MBA degrees sometimes have outdated curriculum including papers that are no longer relevant to the current market trends. On the other hand, PGDM is a professional diploma course which means it is consistently altered to make room for more skill-based knowledge that can be applied to the industry practices without any barrier or difference. These updates are often suggested by renowned industry executives from top management institutions like IIMs and are thus in accordance with the ongoing industry trends. As for the MBA degree, changing its curriculum becomes a strenuous process as it needs to be updated by government regulatory bodies before they make their way into institutes.

Entrepreneurial Skills

One of the major advantages of a PGDM degree is that it infuses entrepreneurial qualities in students and encourages them to be self-starters, pioneers, and go-getters right from the beginning. Students gain an abundance of knowledge on working and dealing with the business sector which can lead to a start-up mindset at an early age. Students pick the ability to turn ideas into reality by tapping resources effectively, which not only helps them in securing employment for themselves but also creates a wide number of career opportunities for others. Start-up culture in India has gained momentum in the last decade and has benefitted millions of people in so many ways and the government has provided so many schemes for MSMEs as well. This makes taking up a PGDM degree a brilliant career move.


Open For All

The most overlooked advantage of a PGDM diploma is that graduates from any field can opt for it to get one step ahead in their careers. No matter which subject domain you belong to, having a PGDM diploma in hand will only enhance your chances of gaining a top leadership position in any company. Here, the best part is that you can choose an industry that you have primary academic experience in through your graduate degree, and then gain a managerial position in the companies working in that specific industry.

Higher Packages

Being a skill-based course, PGDM is especially preferred in companies these days as the learning outcomes outweigh the traditional theoretical perspectives. More hold on practical skills means higher placement ranges. PGDM courses are mostly offered by autonomous institutes that offer advanced placement services and guaranteed assistance to students. Sometimes, these institutes also have tie-ups, collaborations, and sponsorships with top-notch, high-paying companies where students can gain employment.

Wide Network Connect

The best thing about doing PGDM is that you will be having a lot of networking opportunities. You will be studying alongside people from all walks of life, working towards achieving the same career goals. You will be studying alongside the future management industry leaders & the relationships that you will be developing during this program holds a lot of value, not only as a professional but also for your future endeavors

Corporate Readiness

The benefits of PGDM courses are not limited to the development of interpersonal relationships and the acquisition of business knowledge. The benefits are manifold. One of the most important advantages of the PGDM program is that it prepares you to work in world-class companies. While pursuing a PGDM degree, you will learn the basics of modern business administration. You will learn about topics that will accelerate your growth in your career. In any PGDM course, whether it is PGDM in human resources or PGDM in business analytics, you will learn about the wider branches of management like corporate finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, etc. This will help you immediately prepare for the demands that the corporate world has and thus build a successful career.

Skill-Based Program

A Postgraduate Diploma in Management allows the student to exert flexibility in their practice as it focuses more on the real-time skills and competencies of the student and less on the academic structure. Along with the skills necessary in the chosen specialization, a PGDM holder also learns other essential acumen of corporate growth like strategic thinking skills, organizational skills, soft skills, communication skills, and much more. Students who demonstrate these skills accurately inevitably set themselves up for a bright and rewarding career in the management sector. Keeping the above pointers in mind, it is now proven that a PGDM degree will help candidates turn themselves into multifaceted professionals of the future. However, before opting for a PGDM program, the students must ensure that the Institute is AICTE approved. The reputation and standing of the college are directly proportional to the viable career prospects that will shape the future of the students.

Higher Paying Job Designations

With a graduation degree, you would require a minimum of two to three years of work experience to enter into a prominent position which would also be based on your skills and dedication. A PGDM program follows a competency-based learning model that would help you in bridging the skills gap and prepare you to successfully face the core technical challenges in the management industry across the verticals. This program makes you management industry-ready by providing you with necessary industry exposure beforehand. So, by the time of your course completion, you would eventually land a high-paying job designation.

PGDM graduates will be ideally placed to be the change leaders in the near future

The PGDM journey starts a brief 2 weeks of orientation where students learn how to overcome their prejudice and patterned thinking. This helps the students to have a fresh start to the program with no biases. PGDM Admission is mostly based on entrance exams like MAT, CAT, XAT, and more. A lot of working professionals and students prefer this management course because PGDM Syllabus is market and industry oriented. It follows current trends in the market and molds its syllabus accordingly.


PGDM Syllabus

  • Minimum Eligibility

    • Bachelor’s degree with at least 50% marks or equivalent CGPA in any discipline from a recognised university
    • GMAT/CAT scores accepted

    Key Differentiators

    • Action oriented pedagogy – extensive usage of simulations, live projects and cases
    • Faculty members with extensive industry experience

      PGDM Subjects

    • The major focus of the curriculum is to build leaders for a futuristic world.
      PGDM curriculum can be divided into 6 Trimesters. The curriculum is as per Industry standards and norms which helps the student to be job ready and get proper placements. There is a compulsory internship during the course to help the students get accustomed to the challenges and requirements.

      Teaching Methods

    • Case study-based discussion learning
    • Activity based learning
    • Design thinking Bootcamps
    • Learn through theatre

Hand-picked leaders from industries which are transforming themselves for the future and incorporated their inputs to refine our program curriculum to make it contextual and relevant.

PGDM course structure comprises two parts i.e., a compulsory set of courses covering all foundation areas in management and a set of elective courses that aims at building job-specific skills and knowledge. A semester wise breakup of the PGDM Syllabus is tabulated below.


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